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Special Awards can be found here: Special Awards


Well done to all our successful combinations and commiserations to those who were not this year.

The Golden Horseshoe

Candy Cameron with Ell Daam SILVER 11.6kph

Georgina Vaughan with Vlacq Elladora SILVER 11.6kph

Mary Stubbs with Sachiya SILVER 11.8kph

The Exmoor Stag

Amie Grainger with Sheraani GOLD 12.3kph

Cecilia Lindberg with HS Jacinto BRONZE 10.5kph

The Exmoor Stallion

Susan Hawes with Sarukh BRONZE 10.0kph

Anja Brandt with Shaarif BRONZE 10.0kph

The Exmoor Fox

Sally McIlwaine with Mahbubti SILVER 11.9kph

Katy Mellor with Pheonix GOLD 12.3kph

The Exmoor Hind

Emma Lewis with El Emira BRONZE 10.4kph

Kathy Carr with Mandarine GOLD 12.4kph

Linda Reeves with Toptime Bentley SILVER 10.5kph

Oonagh Lonergan with Hafez Bin Goudah BRONZE 10.5kph

The Exmoor Otter

Kirsty Wiscombe with Yawlhill Freya COMPLETION 9.3kph

Bronny Fulford with Vicarshill Bell SILVER 10.9 kph

Georgie Davis with Plasbach Twm GOLD 13.6kph

Greg Bell with Khyber BRONZE 10.0kph

Jane Perrett with Psymitar SILVER 11.7kph

Jo Chisholm with Roe Atheer SILVER 11.2 kph

Jonathan Flook with Nabiil GOLD 12.6kph

Judy Holloway with Nuraletta SILVER 11.2kph

Louise Rich with Oakleazefarm Czelection GOLD 12.4kph

Sally Rowe with Brownbread Easter Rabbit SILVER 11.0kph

Sarah Edmond with HS Beyazid SILVER 10.6kph

Sue Soame with Blue Eyes COMPLETION 9.7kph

Victoria Ham with Cwyrtai Sharif SILVER 11.2kph

Paul Simmons with Zayin Zachillies SILVER 11.0kph

The Exmoor Otter Cub

Jane Holdsworth with HS Cicero BRONZE 10.1kph

Beverley Jenkin with HS Pathan COMPLETION 9.1kph

Catherine Woodford with Dylasau Syr Rowan COMPLETION 9.1kph

Claire Golding with Baarbarella BRONZE 9.8kph

Elizabeth Rowland with Drumcall Revel COMPLETION 8.4kph

Fiona Griffiths with Warrens Hill Caszidy BRONZE 10.4kph

Gemma Gill with Pontrepiod Perfection BRONZE 9.7kph

Isabelle Rowland with Ruby Bint Sabur COMPLETION 8.4kph

Katie Bedwin with Gerkho De Tenelle SILVER 11.8kph

Mary Hannah with Kingsby Fennel BRONZE 9.7kph

Maxine Golledge with Elenora COMPLETION 8.5kph

Miranda Kavangh with Bey Dashar BRONZE 10.1kph

Sandra Stevens with Flow BRONZE 9.7kph

Sarah Puleston with Penny SILVER 11.0kph

Vikki Barnes with Haywards Lancelot BRONZE 9.7kph

Yvonne Eastmond Izz Al Bin SILVER 11.0kph

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